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Closet Giveaway Part 2

Closet Giveaway Part 2


Hey lovelies!

So glad you are checking out the closet giveaway, and I hope you find some goodies to add to your wardrobe!

You will find everything separated below into categories to make for easy browsing. Each picture also has a caption attached to it so that you know the deets and whether or not it is still available. None of the photos have been edited so as to make sure the coloring is as true in nature as possible.

To make it easy on you all I have made "item codes" for every piece so that when you find something you want all you have to do is make note of the code at the top of the caption. To claim an item or ask any questions about a particular item you can do one of two things: you can either comment below this post with all the item numbers you would like or have questions about or you can DM me on Instagram. From there I can answer any questions you might have and we can work out all the pick up/shipping logistics and what not! 

This giveaway will run until Febuary 22, so make sure to grab your items now!

*** Reminder that everything is free of charge unless it needs to be shipped then that is the only thing you will need to cover. If you live here in Charlotte I am more than happy to work out a pick-up with you :)

I am super excited to do this with you all, SOOOO let the shopping BEGIN!!




Outer Wear









Why I love Zazzle!

Why I love Zazzle!

Mom Confessionals

Mom Confessionals