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Mom Confessionals

Mom Confessionals


Motherhood is amazing...

and hard,

and beautiful,

and stressful,

and rewarding.

I have my days where I feel like I am killin' it, like pat myself on the back you are awesome days, and then I have my days where I find myself constantly asking "What are you doing? What is going on?" Lately if I am completely honest it has been 75% of the second kind of day. I have felt lacking in the grace department and patience... what's that? I know you mom's know what I am talking about?!! It's like you can't find your rhythm and it's battle after battle to even get the simplest things accomplished. 

So this week I think I finally reached my limit and was like okay somethings got to give, so me being the type A person that I most often am was like okay what can I do to fix this, lets figure this out.... basically in short hand.... I need to do better.... I need to be better.

So fast forward to today still feeling out of my rhythm and can't seem to figure out how to get it back and I get a text. Just a simple text, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary but I have learned that it is often the simple things that make the biggest impact. The text was about Aila and how caring and thoughtful she was, and how she was comforting another little girl that was sad at school, and in that moment I realized that even when I am feeling overwhelmed and out of rhythm it's okay. I have been praying for more grace in my life and there it was staring back at me in my daughters actions. We all have rough days and we can't be the perfect parent every second of every day but I believe that's what grace is for. 

All we can do as parents is unconditionally love our littles and love them as best we can. We have to give ourselves permission to not be perfect and continue to try our best and guide them, care for them, listen to them, let them learn from our successes and our failures. 

Today I gained some freedom in parenting, and I may not always get it right BUT I love my little bean with everything I have and I am so blessed to be her mama as well as so grateful for the grace of God that fills in the gaps. 

So to all you mom's out there that feel like they don't know what they are doing half the time know that you are not alone and it is okay! 

There's grace for that!

As Always,


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