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Aila's 4th Birthday

Aila's 4th Birthday


I say this every year and this year is NO EXCEPTION, where has my baby gone??!! How is she 4 years old?? It is true what they say, time really does just pass you by and at first it feels like you will never get through all the long nights, colic, and dirty diapers but then you blink and they are becoming their own person!

I know I know... Aila isn't 20 years old headed off to college yet, but 4 just seems so old already and she has already developed her own opinions and ways of doing things and she makes sure to let me know it.

For example her birthday party this year...

She made sure to let me know that this is her birthday party and it is not mine, haha! Okay darling I hear ya!

So since it really is ALL about her and it was her party we just listened to what she had dreamed up for her 4th birthday, and what came out was Star Wars and Unicorns. Now these two things are currently her favorites so it made sense to me, and I was determined to create it for her. 


I decided to keep it simple and clean having all the star wars decor black and white while the unicorn decor would exude the colors of the rainbow! So once I decided on the theme I did what every good mom does and headed on over to Pinterest to start gathering ideas. It wasn't that hard to find ideas and there were so many free printables I could use to accomplish the look I was going for. [ I created a board on The Smitten Life's Pinterest if you want the links to all the fun stuff I found ] 


Her party was a lot of DIY but in the end I was very happy with the result and Aila LOVED it! It made my heart swell with joy to watch Aila run around with her friends and enjoy every single part of her party from the decorations, eating cake, playing with the light sabers, her flower crown, opening presents, and even giving out the unicorn or storm trooper goodie bags. So be encouraged, and when your Little tells you some off the wall theme they want for their next birthday party know that IT CAN BE DONE! 

Printing Photos

Printing Photos

Why I love Zazzle!

Why I love Zazzle!