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Embracing New Seasons!

Embracing New Seasons!

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So Aila turned four in March and while she has always been a mama's girl I feel we have reached a whole new season in our mother/daughter relationship. She wants more than just being in the same room with me. She is sharing more and more of her opinions and thoughts about EVERYTHING and I am getting to know her better and understand how she thinks, and what she likes or doesn't like... on a deeper level then she loves ice cream and does not like carrots. 

For me, having a little girl has been wonderful. All Aila wants is to be just like me and that is both amazing and terrifying at the same time because no one is perfect. However it causes me to work harder to be the best version of me that I can, and to be present when I am with her. I find that I often let myself get distracted by countless tasks that "need to get done" and these tasks just eat away at our time together on a daily basis. This is something that I am currently working on as a mom, and will probably continue to work at it forever because it is one of those things that you can always grow more in.

I want to be able to look back at my life as a whole and know that I took the time to enjoy the little blessings along the way and that I didn't dismiss moments because they didn't seem significant enough at the time. I know this is hard to do when you are right in the middle of it and it is usually one of those things that with hindsight brings perspective. However I think that if we become aware of how easily a moment can slip by then it will cause us to live in a more intentional way and less and less of these little moments will pass us by.

So for now I am content with being my daughters superhero and I want to milk that for all it is worth! I want to answer her questions about why there are cracks in cement, and why we can't fly an airplane to space. I want to pretend that our best friends are Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 and we are on a mission to help them save the galaxy! HEY, it's the season I'm in and honestly it is pretty great! 

I want to live a life collecting moments! Don't you?

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