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5 Things

5 Things

Time for a life update!

I have been a little MIA on here as of late so I thought it was time for a little life catch-up on everything from motherhood to travel and style!

1. I can't believe that July is pretty much over, which means this year is half-way over as well! Anyone else feeling like 2018 just started? One great thing about this though is that all our travel plans for the year are coming up so soon! Aila and I will be heading to Charleston, SC for a girls weekend with my mom and sisters here in two weeks! I have been missing the beach like something fierce so I am very excited!


2. On the style front, I have been living in flowy pants this summer! They are my favorite and I just keep buying them, haha! They will be great for the fall too which I am always a fan of clothes that transition well through the seasons. If you are looking for some I am going to link a few pairs for you here!
H&M Pants
The stripped pair I have are gone but here's some very similar ones from VICI


And a few others styles that I love, just because!
Paper-bag Pants
Red Ankle-length Pants
Flower Pants - These are just like my green flower pants & are on flash sale for $20 [only smalls left], so I'd hurry they wont last long! 
Polka Dots
Rainbow Tape Side Split Pants

3. My two go to shops this past month have been SHEIN and Carly Jean Los Angeles. I have been trying to expand my wardrobe colors with SHEIN because we all know my default is neutrals... It's been a struggle not to buy another white or grey shirt, haha! With Carly Jean however, their staple pieces are just to wonderful not to buy.... so I bought white and jean pieces! HEY, I tried!  


4. I have been creating my own preset packs this past month and I am super excited with the way they have turned out! I love stretching myself creatively and learning how to use Lightroom and Photoshop more efficiently. So you will be seeing these presets being used on my Instagram now! I have officially made the switch over to my own!


5. We have been going through a stage of independence this last month with little bean, and while I want to say it's been fun, that would be a lie. It has been very challenging and has been stretching me and forcing me to grow in my patience and all those fun things that we all love being challenged in! Motherhood is a constant teacher and character refiner. It is sometimes hard to be grateful in the moment for how it causes us to transform into better people [hopefully], but at the end I tend to look back and I am thankful we went through it. She is learning how to be her own person, and how to interact with others. While I am learning how to walk with her through that process teaching her without controlling her. I have been at my breaking point many times throughout this past month. Lost and unsure what to do next, but the Lords grace is sufficient and has been there through it all. For that I am truly grateful!


Well guys, there are my 5 things for July and I promise I won't be gone for another month before I post again! I hope that you all are having a fantastic summer! I would love to hear what your travel plans are below, or if you liked any of the pants I linked above! Let me know in the comments!

As Always,


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