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A Case of the MOMdays

A Case of the MOMdays


Encouragement for the moms that feel like they are nailing the #MomFail lately!

I know that title is super cheesy but I thought it fitting for this post. Lately I have felt like I am stuck in a perpetual state of “A Case of the Monday's” and it has definitely been squelching my joy. I was semi aware of this but honestly what shook me out of it was the hubs. At first I was offended that he called me out for being in a bad mood, and I got defensive… we all know that doesn’t work or help anything.

Somehow though, by the grace of God, I caught myself and I knew he was right. I know that Aaron loves me and he is trying to help. Aaron and I are polar opposites and this has been a blessing because iron sharpens iron. He challenges me to grow everyday and not to settle for less. He calls me higher and will not let me cut myself short just because I am having a bad day, and vise versa. I challenge him and call him higher too. It is a give and take, but we know that the Lord has so much more for each of us and we don’t want to miss out because we were offended or in a bad mood.

Again, this hits a nerve most days but I can let my pride hold me back or I can admit I need to grow and work towards seeing a change. Haha, don’t get me wrong it’s not easy and the first hundred times were painful but it has gotten easier and I get through the offense a lot faster than I used to.

So where is this encouragement I promised you??! It’s coming I promise!

Like I mentioned it was when Aaron made a comment about my mood that I realized I was getting frustrated easily, and overwhelmed which was causing me to disengage and live in survival mode. I was not loving Aaron and Aila the way I should, and needed a change. Knowing this, it could go one of two ways: the route of self pity or the route of admitting I was wrong and changing. I prefer the latter, and the quickest way to accomplish that is to ask forgiveness and remind yourself of the truth about who you are!

So I wanted to share these truths with you, because no matter how you are feeling or how many times you have “failed” those things are not what define you!

Scroll down for all 10 truths!!


Here are 10 truths to remind you that you’re awesome!

  1. You’re doing better than you think, and where you can’t grace can!

  2. There is no one in this world that can be a better you than you!

  3. You are meant for greatness, and you carry purpose && destiny inside of you! || Psalm 139:13-18 ||

  4. Your dreams matter and they make a difference.

  5. You are capable of more than you can think or imagine!

  6. The love that you give changes the lives of everyone you come into contact with!

  7. You are an overcomer and every time you overcome an obstacle you give hope to those around you!

  8. Your littles need you. They love you. You are the best mom for them.

  9. You’re not alone. There are people that love, and care for you and cannot imagine a life without you in it.

  10. YOU’RE ENOUGH! You may be in process, but it is a beautiful process of growth!

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