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10 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

10 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What items are necessary, and what are not? Here are my top 10 items to bring!


There are so many packing lists out there, how do you know what you actually need? The first time around I brought so many things that I didn’t use. I don’t know about you but I prefer to pack smart and light, and not have a bunch of stuff to unpack once back at home. The hospital provides so many things for you and your beautiful new bundle of joy. So this time around my bag looked a lot different, focusing only on whats necessary and comfortable.

  1. A folder with all your paperwork in it. This should include your insurance, pediatrician and hospital information. A copy of your birth plan if you choose to make one.

  2. Snacks for your partner during the labor and delivery process.

  3. Loose and comfortable clothes. I recommend button up pajamas or a robe that would make it easy to breastfeed and have skin to skin time with your baby, but also allow you to move about the room as you need. Also a breastfeeding bra or tank top, and bikini style underwear.

  4. Toiletries so you can take a shower, you will most certainly want one once you get into your postpartum room. Some hospitals provide towels while others do not, so check with your hospital before hand to see what they will have in your room already.

  5. Comfortable slip on shoes.

  6. Phone chargers.

  7. A breastfeeding cover so that you can continue to feed your little love as needed while visitors come and go.

  8. One outfit for your bebe to go home in, and one swaddle blanket. I brought the swaddle blanket mainly for hospital pictures. The hospital provides blankets for you while you are there. They also provide diapers and wipes so there is no need to bring any of those. You can also take them home with you when you leave.

  9. Clothes and toiletries for your partner.

  10. Extra pillows for both you and your partner. I have brought 2 with me both times and they have been so nice to have because hospital pillows are not always the most comfortable.

I know this doesn’t sound like much but the hospital does a great job of accommodating all your postpartum needs. I hope this is helpful! Feel free to comment below with any questions or additional items you have found super helpful to have at the hospital!

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