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If I had to choose one...

If I had to choose one...


I love having lot's of options to choose from in my wardrobe, it is fun coming up with new ways to wear things! 

If you asked me however to choose one outfit or if I had to get ready at the drop of a hat I know without a doubt in my mind what I would choose! That is a no brainer for me, because it is a look that is me through and through with a touch of comfort meets put together. It is an effortless style for me, one that I always feel comfortable and confident in whether I had it laid out from the night before or if I threw it on five minutes before I walked out the door. 

I haven't always known this about myself or even about my personal style but over time I started to realize more and more that as you dress in your sweet spot, in those things that you feel most comfortable and confident in, it shows. When you aren't worrying about whether something looks good on you it allows you to be freely you and you can focus on the more important things going on around you. 

Now knowing your personal style is by no means a fix all or the key to ridding yourself of all insecurities, but it is a step towards getting to know the real you better. A step towards letting the real you shine and loving who the Lord created you to be. I find myself caring less about "getting it right" and instead find myself loving who I was made to be. 

So what is that no brainer outfit for me you ask??? It is quite simple actually, a good pair of black jeans, oversized sweater or cardigan, a pair of gold studded earrings, gold necklace and either a pair of booties or my newest obsession.... mules! 

Thats it! I could wear a version of this outfit everyday and love it every time. Do you have a look that is you through and through? That you feel most you in, and are comfortable and confident in EVERY single time you wear it? If you do that's awesome and we want to hear what it is in the comments below. If you do not but want help finding that specific look then we want to help, so either leave a comment or send us a message. 


We hope you are having a blessed day! 

And as always,


Holiday Party Time!

Holiday Party Time!