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Designer vs Not

Designer vs Not



How many of you love designer clothes, jewelry, bags and the list goes on? I'm raising my hand over here even though you cannot see it... just so you know. But man there are just so many options out there and how do you choose? My default most times is to pick my current obsession, whether it be purses, jewelry, SHOES (it has been shoes for awhile now) or whatever else and focus on getting some designer pieces that I really love. Now this works IF you don't stay obsessed with shoes FOREVER and you are good with switching up your focus from time to time. This is not always the case for me so I have started to go about it differently. 

I love having designer pieces in my wardrobe and I have found that they are great timeless statement pieces. So when I am deciding on whether to buy designer or not one of the first things I consider is will this be something that will continue to compliment my wardrobe after the current trend has changed. Now this doesn't mean that I never buy designer pieces that could possibly only last a season BUT most pieces I buy are ones that are timeless and will adapt well with the ever changing fashion environment. 

One might think that this way of shopping limits you tremendously but that is quite the opposite! I am usually still faced with the same question I asked earlier... how do you choose which one to buy?... and this my friend is where your personal taste comes in! 

For me it started with purses... I was in high school and all I wanted was a Coach clutch. I loved them and I didn't really carry around a purse at the time so a clutch was all I needed. So a clutch is what I bought and from there my collection and love for fashion grew! Now you can most likely find me obsessing over various styles of gold studded earrings, watches, shoes and still purses :)



I linked a few of our favorites or ones very similar to the ones we have for you below! These are all pieces that we absolutely love and they are all very classic pieces.

The White T-shirt

The White T-shirt