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Desert Style

Desert Style


Spending four days out in the desert was a nice change from the fickle weather here on the east coast! I know that 90 degree weather doesn't agree with everyone but I gladly welcomed it! This just meant that we got to spend most of the day poolside in our swimsuits and the rest of the day in our summer clothes that have been hiding in the back of our closets for the last 6 months!

That doesn't seem so bad to me!

As I have said before, comfort plays a big part in my style even when it comes to skirts, dresses, and tank tops. I definitely lean towards the flowy, loose fit, and softer materials when picking out these pieces, and this trip to the desert was no exception. Everything I brought fit this description to a T! 

It has taken time to really figure out what I like and what my style really is but it has been a fun journey of trial and error. Figuring out your personal style is a process but it should be something that makes you feel like you when you are in it. It should describe you and exude your personality! 

So if I were to give my personal style a name I would call it Ultimate Mom Chic because I really value comfort and versatility but I love adding a twist to the classics and making it my own.

Have you figured out your personal style? What would you call it and why? I would love to hear what you feel best describes your style and personality! Let me know in the comments!

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The Skirt

The Skirt