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New York City

New York City

A city so nice they named it twice.

New York City is an amazing city. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite cities! I went for the first time when I was 16 and I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of it all. Since then I have been back numerous times and still every time I find myself loving this city even more. There is no way I can cover everything in one post and I am not going to try. The city is huge and there is so much to do and see. You could go 20 times and each experience could be vastly different from the last. So if you are planning a trip, here is a little piece of advice… you can’t do it all in one trip! So don’t try. I suggest you make a list of all the things you would like to do and see while you are there and then rank them in importance, choose your top 10 and prioritize those things first. If you get to others then great but if not then that is okay too. Like I mentioned before I have been numerous times and I have prioritized different things every time and I still have so much more to see.

So for this post I am mainly going to stick to what April and I did and saw during Fashion Week, but I might throw a few others things in here just for fun.


So first things first! Where to stay?

This last trip to NYC I decided to stay on the Upper West Side at The Empire Hotel. While this hotel was beautiful I do not know if I would stay there again. However they do have some amazing rates compared to other hotels especially if you book a little in advance, and they are literally two blocks over from Central Park. Two great things if you ask me! Also something to note is the rooms are very small, which didn’t bother me but if you like space then this wouldn’t be the spot for you.

So, I am not super familiar with the Upper West Side which might have a lot to do with not wanting to stay there again, but when I stayed down in the Meatpacking District I loved it! I felt like it had more of the kind of things I wanted to do within walking distance. [For example I was walking distance to the High Line, and Chelsea Market, two spots I LOVE!]

There are so many amazing boutique hotels in NYC so you definitely have your options. If you don’t want to stay in a hotel though you can check out Air BnB and they have some really cool places that you can rent. Word to the wise on this one though, they book up SOO FAST! If you want to use Air BnB then you need to be a planner and book WAY in advance.


Next on most peoples list of importance is… Where to eat? Oh and if you’re anything like me… Where do I get my coffee?

Now I am just going to say that NYC has so much great food and I think that when you visit it is a great time to try out new kinds of food! I love trying new restaurants and spots off the beaten path, and NYC is a great spot to do just that. So while I really liked the places I am sharing with you I strongly encourage you to be adventurous while visiting the city.

Maman: This is the cutest and most delicious coffee shop/brunch spot!! There are multiple locations around the city and each one is equally as cute!

Alice’s Teacup part II: This is on the Upper West Side and it has an amazing upstairs seating area. Everything on the menu is delicious and if you are a tea lover then you must check it out!

The Smith: We were recommended this restaurant by April’s driver and we thought why not! There burgers and chicken sandwiches were aaMAZING! I would definitely go back!

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice cream: This is a MUST! The line will be long, but it is totally worth the wait because the ice cream is that good!

Think Coffee: We all know how I feel about coffee shops and this one was cute and the coffee was delicious!

La Colombe Coffee Roasters: This coffee shop has such a great aesthetic and the coffee is supurb! There are multiple locations for this one as well.

Eat NY style pizza: Okay so for this one I do not have one specific spot in mind, BUT I do recommend just going to any of the small shops and getting yourself a slice! There are so many spots where you can get a slice for $1 and it is awesome!


Last, but certainly not least… Where to go? What to see?

Like I have already mentioned there is so much to see and there is a little something for everyone in NYC. This by no means is an exhausted list or even where you “have to go” on your first trip to the city. I hope that by sharing a few places it will help you narrow down your list as well as help you in the process of deciding what to see and what to do.

Flat Iron Building: Super iconic building and always a great spot to snap a few pictures.

Brooklyn Bridge: If you have time to walk it, I highly recommend it! You can get some exercise in and take a few pictures as well as get a great view of Manhattan.

Color Factory: This is new to the city of New York. They just opened it up this summer and it looks awesome! You definitely have to plan this out a little bit because you have to sign up for a time slot and tickets are very limited. We tried to get tickets but they were already sold out. I will definitely be visiting this spot next time I am in the city.

Chelsea Market: This is just one of those places you should go for so many reasons. Just trust me, it’s pretty and there is good food and shopping.

High Line: I am sure you have heard of the High Line, but if not that’s okay. It is an elevated walking path that was created on the old New York Central Railroad. It is lined with trees and plants, and there are lots of fun spots you can stop off at through out your walk.

Red Bus tour: Now I know this seems super touristy… which it is. However I did this a couple years ago when I was in NYC because someone gave us some tickets and I absolutely loved it! I was able to see so much of the city and get a better feel for where everything was and what the neighborhoods looked like and honestly it made the city a little less overwhelming.
Statue of Liberty: This is one of those things that I feel you should do one time so that you can say that you have done it and to see and take in the history behind it. Just know that the ferry is ALWAYS very crowded.

9/11 Memorial: This is something that will forever mark our Nation’s history and is a crucial part of our story as Americans. The memorial is powerful and beautiful and worth spending some time at.

Central Park: You could easily spend an entire day in Central Park, it is huge and there is so much to do and see. There is Bethesda Fountain, the zoo, in the winter there is ice skating, or you could bring a blanket and just lay in the grass and people watch. I love spending an afternoon just laying in the park and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city.

I hope this helps you as you plan your trip to the Big Apple! I feel like I left out so much but at the same time I feel like it is a great place to start. Let me know what you ended up seeing, and the places you ate at! I love learning about new spots! Who knows I might go to one next time I am up there.

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Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California