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The Spontaneous Traveler

The Spontaneous Traveler

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Do you consider yourself spontaneous or are you a planner?

I'd like to think I am a little bit of both especially when it comes to traveling. Now in most things (or if you ask my husband) I am a planner, through and through! Now this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate spontaneity, because I honestly do and I welcome it into my daily routine because it keeps things from ever getting boring. 

Most of our family travel is pretty planned out and we know way ahead of time where we are going and when, but at the same time we love just picking a random spot and going just because. For our last abroad family trip we did this. We knew we wanted to go somewhere outside of the continental US but weren't really sold on any one particular location. So Aaron just started looking up deals on plane tickets for the dates that we wanted to go and thats how we ended up spending 10 days in Budapest and Vienna! This trip ended up being amazing and we LOVED both Budapest and Vienna so much that we want to go back sometime.

I do not know if we would of ended up on this trip if we would of left it up to our planned list of places that we want to visit, and I am so glad we took a chance and tried something we hadn't planned on. Now for this trip Aaron just used google flights to search for deals, but since then we have been introduced to two new ways that you can let your spontaneous traveler out!

One is a website/email subscription to Scott's Cheap Flights where you can go one of two routes and subscribe for free and get a daily email with the details of the best flight of the day to some random location. It will let you choose what areas of the country you would possibly fly out from and then give you the best prices for airports in those regions. If you choose to go the paid subscription route then you will get offers that are not shared with those who are only on the free subscription. Either route I think is awesome and will introduce you to some places that might of never been on your bucket list!

The second way we have found is through an app called Hitlist, and this website or app let's you type in your location and will show you all the flight deals out of your city! Talk about planning a spontaneous trip that way! It will show you cities in the states as well as abroad and the dates all vary based on when the price is best. 

So whether you are looking to change up how you travel or not these two resources will definitely open up your possibilities and will add cities to your must see list simply because they are not limited to our preferences and will introduce you to cities you never thought of before!

I know that they are causing the way we travel to change even more and it's very exciting because in the end I just want to see the world and enjoy all that it has to offer!

Let me know in the comments below how you like both Scotts' Cheap flights and Hitlist as well as if it has changed the way you pick your next vacation!

Happy traveling!

As Always,


Palm Springs: Korakia Pensione

Palm Springs: Korakia Pensione

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