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Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

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This past April was my first time to Palm Springs and I definitely do not want it to be my last. We were there right as festival season had begun but before the heat was to get unbearable... or so the locals told us. The temperature was still in the 80's or 90's everyday but I was okay with that because the east coast had not really welcomed spring yet and I was really craving some warmer weather! 

As you may of seen in an earlier post we stayed at the Korakia Pensione where we spent the majority of our time, BUT we did venture out some while we were there too. There are a lot of neat things going on in the Palm Springs area. As I mentioned we came at the beginning of festival season, Coachella had just ended the day before we arrived and the following weekend they were kicking off Stagecoach. We didn't stay for any of the festivals this time around but who knows in the future!

However we did go to three noteworthy places, okay four if you count In N Out! When in California, haha but really these places are worth checking out especially if you are a photographer, just like taking pictures, or like to adventure a little when in a new city. For me it was all three so I really enjoyed it!


Our first stop was a roadside attraction called Cabazon Dinosaurs, and it is literally two huge dinosaurs on the side of the highway! They have an exhibit if you are interested but otherwise it is a great spot to take photos and they have a gift shop inside one of the dinos as well! I had to get little bean something no questions asked! Dinosaurs are up there on her list of favorite things!


Next we headed to Salvation Mountain which is about an hour and a half drive from downtown Palm Springs. This is most certainly worth the drive! The mountain is completely made of local adobe clay, standing 50 feet tall and every square inch painted by it's artist Leonard Knight. Leonard gave the mountain a simple yet powerful theme "God Is Love" and you can see that from top to bottom! This spot is a lot of fun to explore and there are so many different spots you can wander in and out of as well as climb to the top. It is amazing to see the fruit of one mans passion and determination to release a message of love turn into something that we can all enjoy.


Oh and side note: both Cabazon Dinosaurs & Salvation Mountain are free! This next one is not but for adults it is only $5.

Our last stop was the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. This place was amazing, they have thousands of species of succulents and cactus growing here! They will do guided tours through the garden if you like, but we just walked through ourselves which gave us plenty of time to take photos and linger through the Cactarium (a must see for sure). Also on your way out you can buy your own succulent or cactus to take home with you, and yes you can fly with them if you were wondering... we asked :)

Now I know this barely scratches the surface of what Palm Springs, California has to offer but I think it's a good place to start and I was very pleased with all that I saw over the course of my four days there! Let me know in the comments if you end up checking any of there places out or if you have other places that I should check out next time I am there!

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Palm Springs: Korakia Pensione

Palm Springs: Korakia Pensione